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    With PetitLaunch you don't need to worry about remembering complicated button presses to launch an app. You just need to press the hard button that triggers PetitLaunch and then press a letter on the keyboard. You can launch 32 different apps with this launcher with just two key presses.

    I have:
    Phone button: TakePhone
    Calendar: PetitLaunch
    Mail: Quicknews

    And with Petitlaunch's hard button:
    PL+Phone: Uninstall
    PL+Calendar: Neocal
    PL+Mail: Messaging
    PL+Power: Calendar
    PL+Home: PSMemo
    PL+Menu: Petitlaunch configuration.

    I didn't see petitLaunch recomended on this thread, so I feel it is my duty to mention this nice software.

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    Side: press = KGTime+, hold = Prefs
    Phone: Phone + Docs2Go
    Calendar: Calendar + Bible+
    Mail: Web + Versamail
    Power: Power
    Option: hold = Profiles switcher

    I put all the apps I use in the "Main" group and deleted all other groups. That makes it easy to launch anything from the menu. I have it set to always come up in the "Main" category, so I can either launch something by pressing the first letter to highlight it, or press the "Home" button again to get to the apps on the SD card. Works great!

    [edit] I've been posting from my phone so much that I didn't notice I went over 1,000 posts!!! Yay me!!!!
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    NiceDrudgeReader is a fast, simple reader for The Drudge Report. It is only $0.99, so check it out, too! More info here.

    Search for "Nice" in the app catalog to see all my apps.
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    I've been wondering if there's a way to remap the side button (beneath the volume button) so that I can use it as the page down button in eReader. Currently, clicking right on the 5-way nav button pages down, and clicking left pages back. Given the way I hold the consarned thing, clicking the side button would be most excellent.

    I know some apps let you map buttons to functions (Plazmoids, for example), so I'm hoping that there's a hack that allows me to do this. Anyone know?
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    Phone: Phone
    Opt + Phone: VeriChat
    Calendar: Calendar
    Opt + Calendar: WordSmith
    E-Mail: Messaging
    Opt + E-Mail: SnapperMail
    Power: Power
    Opt + Power: Lock and turn off

    Side button: VoiceDial

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