I have an unlocked Treo 650 and have a slight annoying problem.

The Fido network has been merged with the Rogers Wireless network and now Fido customers have access to 850mhz towers.

In that when in Phone mode the phone shows Fido then switches to Roaming then back to Fido when using a Fido sim. (The phone works perfectly on the Fido network, just the display showing Fido then Roaming and back to Fido Roaming continuously.)

I suspect this is caused by Fido having access to the 850Mhz towers now, as Fido use to have access to 1900mhz towers only, unfortunatley I can't force the Treo to stick on a 1900mhz tower so I can't test if this the exact cause...

If I put my Rogers sim in, it shows Rogers Wireless and no roaming.

I know the Rogers / Fido network has been merged, but is this a network issue or a phone issue? (Fido says it's a Treo issue, Treo says it's a Fido issue... Don't just love fingure pointing these days!)

Any idea's on what the cause is?