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    Hello people

    Thanks for taking to the time to read this review. I know that they’re already 50 billion of them out there, plus one by Treocentral itself, but I thought I would add my two cents. Hey you never know if it is good enough they may put it on their front page LOL.

    Okay here goes:

    Seidio Battery Cover vs. Palm(One)(Inc) Battery Cover

    Here is a side by side shot:

    As you can see, the Seidio cover is a little darker than the one that comes with the Treo. It still matches somewhat well, but I mean if you have a case on top of it, who cares, and if you don’t, again who cares. The Seidio logo is “etched” onto the plastic quite nicely, and well you would think that this cover was OEM with the quality and look.

    The Palm Cover:

    As you can see the flushness with the top, bottom, and sides are exact and show no signs of error in production. Here are some shots:

    But as we all wish, we all wished Palm would have included a reset hole already in the battery cover, but alas, it would have required them to have extra thought and fire an extra neuron. Its okay J

    The Seidio Cover:

    Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for; the battery cover to end all covers!!

    Its purdy, as simple as that, but does what it supposed to do? The answer, yes. No resistance in getting the stylus in there, no problems at all for getting to the pin. It does make the stylus fit (in the holder) tighter, initially but wont be as tight after a full in’s and outs.

    The fit on the other hand, may be a bad thing. Although it does what it’s supposed to do, the flushness to the Treo itself is another story. Here are some photos of the Seidio cover from top bottom left and right perspectives:

    Getting to cover on, requires some effort, even with the foam piece removed (which I did). I was a little disappointed not to hear a click on the initially closure, but after working with it, it is clicking now. As you can see though, the top flushness is not perfect. The upper right corner seems to be sunk in a little, making the Treo unit higher than the battery cover (only on the upper right side that is). On the left and right side, towards the bottom, the flushness with the Treo’s rails, are slightly off, but nothing really to complain about, just something I thought I would point out. The bottom flushness is rather disappointing. Not flush at all, and well you would think that would cause a problem, to be honest no. The cover does not rattle at all, does creak, and is on there well and tight, so that is a huge plus.


    In terms of a rating system I don’t have one. Is it a recommended buy, yes! In fact it is an essential buy! This is something all Treo 650 owners should have on their unit all the time, because unfortunately, even if you have Crash, you will still need to hit the pin sometimes (I have yet to see Crash work).

    The Seidio cover can be purchased from Seidio Online direct. Here is a direct link . Just one thing though I would like to add, depending on the country you are getting this sent too, it could be rather expensive. For my case, having it sent to Canada would have cost 13-14 USD for USPS post (the lowest possible cost), and the cover at most is 10 USD.

    I would like to thank David at Seidio for sending me this cover. He, along with the company are truly generous and do their utmost best to listen to the people and make accessories that we want. It is great having David and others at Seidio on Treocentral listening to our rants and raves.

    These pictures were taken with a Sony Cybershot DSC-P52 3.1MP camera, under 3MP mode, and then re-scaled with Adobe Photoshop CS to a better size. The pictures were taken under a halogen bulb lamp as well as standard fluorescent bulbs in my room for standard lighting.
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    Thanks for the review. Always valuable to read a thorough and indpendent review!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Thanks for the review. Always valuable to read a thorough and indpendent review!
    your welcome man, glad i could help
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    Thanks for the review, hofo. I actually just found out about this cover today and your review helped me put in that order.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TR30
    Thanks for the review, hofo. I actually just found out about this cover today and your review helped me put in that order.
    you are msot welcome, happy i could help
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    Second that hojo. Just got my "kit" - the skin, battery cover and holster. I am very happy with the skin. It is frosty clear, hugs the treo and does not move over it at all. I really like the embossed buttons, which help when you are driving and can feel them. The embossing also includes the 5 way and by touch it feels just like there was no skin over it.
    Goes well into the holster, although one needs to be careful with the SD slot area, as already mentioned by a member in another thread. Also like the indented swivel, which I can wear the holster horizontally in my belt. It does not swing down.
    Overall, good buy. And for the intro price a great bargain.
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    I also like the feel of the embossed buttons on the seidio skin....feels even better than the without the skin in many cases

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