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    I'm a clinical psychologist, and the Treo is indispensable. Here are some additional benefits you may not have considered: I use as an emergency number that sends SMS messages to my Treo, hosted Exchange with IMAP to synch Outlook calendar, and get mail pushed Blackberry style with Chatter.
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    Sheesh. That original post is an example of why I stopped seeing a psychologist!
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    "...Users may rely on their Treos to clarify and strengthen their sense of identity. The Treo is attentive and accommodating to their needs. It mirrors them. As users customize its software, the Treo becomes more and more like a responsive reflection of their needs, feelings, and ambitions. It is part of them, a reflection of who they are, a world created from within themselves. By idealizing it, by participating in all the amazing, powerful things a Treo can do, users strengthen their own confidence and feelings of success. By spending time together with their Treo, it becomes a reassuring extension of their motivations, personality, and inner psychological life - like a good buddy, a sibling.... a twin..."

    For the sake of humour I changed all references to "computers", in this snippet of a quote, to "Treo"...
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    No one has mentioned Vantage Med's increasingly useful and sophisticated ( and remarkably inexpensive) practice management software, Therapist Helper, which synchs to Palm platforms giving you access to patient, ins company, medication, and referring doc info. You can also add new patients on the palm, useful if you work off-site, or in hospitals. You can even record payments on your Treo in case patients stop you on the street to give you checks, as frequently happens to me.

    Epocrates drug data base is indespensible.

    Get it. Stop 300.3ing.
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    Mr. Renthead74,

    Don't keep us in suspense. Did you end up getting a Treo?
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    I'll address some or the more wide ranging questions as the short techie related ones appear to have been answered.

    Quote Originally Posted by renthead74
    I hope to be able to use the Treo as a laptop that will travel with me very easily and do most things that I could do on a computer.
    Get over that notion. Yes, you can do just about anything on a Treo that you can on a laptop. The question is would you want to ? Comparing typing on a laptop with typing on a handheld is like comparing digging with a workman's shovel and digging with one of those little 1.5" wide shovel's you fill flower pots with.

    Don't get me wrong, I stopped taking my laptop on short trips. However, though not an accomplished typist, writing an e-mail the equivalent of one page on an 8.5 x 11 paper takes me about 20 minutes on a Treo compared with about 3 on a laptop.

    When choosing carriers look a the combined cost of data plan and voice plan. I think TMobile's probably got a price lead here as they are advertising 1500 voice minites for like $39 a month (no free nites and weekends or mobile to mobile tho) if you are a single phone plan user...a $20 unlimited data plan was mentioned above which puts you at $59.

    However, since you probably have other family members with phones....Here's what I got just now for 1 Treo w/ unlimited data and 3 "family plan" phones:

    Cingular 1400 shared anytime minutes / 3 phones + Treol / unlimited data on Treo $129.96
    Sprint 1500 shared minutes / 3 phones + Treo / unlimited data on Treo $134.98
    T-Mobile 1000 shared minutes / 3 phones + Treo / unlimited data on Treo $119.96
    Verizon 1400 shared minutes / 3 phones + Treo / unlimited data on Treo $159.96

    So, all things being equal, you'd save $10 a month on Tmobile or $120 over a year. I gotta think the carrier discount you'd get with a Cingular phone would be much more than that. Staples was advertising Treo 650's for $99 over XMas holiday. Amazon has Cingular for $249, Verizon for $279, Earthlink for $299 and Sprint for the ungodly price of $519....unlocked is $599 at PalmOne.

    I'm sure they could be found for less (i.e sprint sells Treo for $239) but seeing as you want a GSM phone (which has 50% more battery life, ability to witch SIMS and faster speeds on large downloads), buying the unlocked at $599 has a $350 price premium or a 35 month payback period as compared to a Cingular one. Plus Cingular giving you an extra 400 minutes a month.

    Quote Originally Posted by renthead74
    If I go Cingular, I was entertaining canceling a plan with Cingular, purchasing an unlock code from somewhere online or sending my new toy to one of those manual unlocking services.
    Cingular will unlock your phone after 3 months if account remains in good standing.

    As for the SD cards, buy two if you are going to use GPS. The seidio G2350 kit will give you all you need and still allow you to use a BT headset w/o any hassles. I am using a 128 MB (96 MB free w/ full backup on SD card) one for programs and docs / reading material (have about 20 Offcie Suite files, 12 PDF's, 15 e-books, few songs / videos and a 2 GB one for TomTom

    As for the preferences among members for the Palm OS versus Windows Mobile platform, the point is moot with the 650, it only comes with the Palm OS. You'd have to move to the 700 for Windows Mobile 5 unit.

    The Treo Headset I think is the best bet both for compatability and for the savings in junk you have to carry as it uses same charging cord.

    Start here from some 650 reviews:

    Cingular 650,1759,1757456,00.asp (4.5 *)
    Verizon 700,1895,1911101,00.asp (3.0 *)
    Verizon 650,1895,1815641,00.asp (4.0 *)
    Sprint 650,1895,1770553,00.asp (4.5*)
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Solutor
    How many psychologists are needed to change a Treo ?
    Just 1......maybe, or perhaps none, i'm os confused
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    You'd have to be crazy to use one. But then, you are a Psychologist. Enough said.
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    if i can believe half the complaints from some dimwitted treo users, a psychologist and a treo pairing would be priceless. lmao.
    IIIx to Treo650. Now that's Quantum Leap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by renthead74
    Once the phone is unlocked, how do I know that my T-mobile SIM Card will fit into the phone? I have heard that there are 3- and 5-pronged SIM Cards. I don’t know which the Treo takes…
    I'm a relative noob (if anyone can tell me when "newbie" became "noob", I'd appreciate it!)... but I do know the (partial) answer to this one:

    SIM cards are either 3-volt or 5-volt (not "prongs"), the former being the newer generation. Per Palm's Treo 650 User guide (p. 14), we're told that 5-volt SIM cards are not compatible with the 650.

    Hope this is of some use to someone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Solutor
    How many psychologists are needed to change a Treo ?
    NONE!! The treo will change itself when it is ready to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Widdy
    NONE!! The treo will change itself when it is ready to.
    But the first step is admitting it has a problem!
    (I am a Neurological Psychologist ABD) (no lie)
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    -good on treo

    How does this make you feel?
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    LOL, like I am back in Neuropharmacology.
    Make it stop!
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