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    I have had my treo for about 2 or 3 weeks. All I have installed on it is Chatter and Volume Care. Installed palmvnc but deleted it. Seems like it is becoming more unstable all the time? Sometimes when I unlock the keys it takes me directly to an app like calculator. This sometimes happens when I get an email or text message also. Anything I can do to help this issue? Would a hard reset help?
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    A hard reset certainly cannot hurt.

    I think "getting more unstable as time goes by" is a symptom of leak or corruption (files, memory).

    Not sure what fw/sw you are on, but I know that it happens to me often with early versions of FW/SW. Since moved to 1.28/1.13row, I don't have as much issues with those. Now I am on 1.43/1.13, stability is very good. So you should also consider fw/sw upgrade.

    Lastly, I know volume care is likely not the problem. I am using it. I don't use Chatter , but from various discussions on this board, I surmise Chatter requires data connection frequent or constant. So I would eliminate Chatter for now and see if your instability is because of data connection with low signal strength which happens a lot.

    No magic to it, just systematically keep trying different things/combinations.

    Good luck.
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    A calculator program? Check your Preferences for Buttons. If nothing is set to the Calculator, then you have something screwy.

    YOU SURE there's nothing besides Chatter and Volume Care installed? I'm thinking you're forgetting something.
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    If you are getting resets, what errors do you have? Also, what carrier are you using?
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    By chance, did you upgrade from a prior Palm OS device by just syncing the 650 directly to your userid? This causes all sorts of funky behavior on a 650, it does not like prior device settings.

    If so, you need to do a clean install. I am on my Treo right now and cannot post the link. Do a search on 'clean install' and you should find the my instructions for this in another thread.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I guess I can do this from my Treo!
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    I have had my Treo for about 6 months now and it has been rock solid!!!
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    You might try the "paper behind the SIM card" trick. I was getting frequent resets recently and it puzzled me. I had installed too many third party apps and some were buggy. I did a complete wipe and reinstalled only those rated as highly compatible by PalmFocus Treo 650 Compatibility List. I got rid of a bunch of stuff that I never used and was causing data corruption problems. I had gotten back to rock-solid stability and then it got buggy again. I was having fits with all the resets, seemingly every time I pushed a button! Annoying in any phone, but in a $600 phone!? Just not acceptable. Then I read a thread where folks had problems like mine and the answer was to place a little piece of paper behind the SIM card in the holder to make it fit more snuggly. That did the trick for me. My Treo and I are best buddies again. Just trim down a piece of scrap paper to be just a tad smaller than the SIM card itself. Put that in the SIM holder first, then slap in the SIM itself, and slide that baby home.

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