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    Anyone use this VPN client with the 650? My company supports it, but at my cost. I will buy it if it works. Can't seem to locate a free trial for it?
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    It works. I use it with the Nortel Contivity VPN server.

    I don't think there is a trial. If your company supports it, then i would say go for it. There are some "gotchas" to the configuration of the server, but if your IT guys already support it, they are aware of them and have it configured properly.
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    Is it possible to get a trial to test Movian VPN in my device?
    Yes, you just have to fill the form you can get in our web site and send it by fax to the number written in the form. Please, fax the form, we are not allowed to give the trial if we donít receive the fax. Remember you have a 45 maximum period of test, after that, the license will expire. When we receive the fax, we will send you the trial.

    The only thing is I can't seem to find the form...

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