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    First, I want to thank everyone here for the tremendous amount of information you all provide. With that info in hand, I finally took the plunge and ordered a Treo 650. I now plan to buy a flip case and an Innodock. Which cases work with this dock? Thanks.
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    Anyone? (David at Seidio, how about you?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drummer
    Anyone? (David at Seidio, how about you?)
    Hi Drummer,

    There are many flip cases in the market. so, I can not say they will all work with Innodock. but if the case has the opening for the serial connector, it probably will work. Sorry cannot be more specific. May be the memebers here who have both flip case and Innodock can help.

    David Chang
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    I have used a Sena flip case with the regular Seidio cradle quite sucessfully. I could even get it to tip back quite a bit. I've switched to a Vaja T66 (with the Vaja cradle) and it works ok, but I can't tilt the Treo as far back as I did with the Sena.

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