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    I am interested in the 650 and use verizon. at the showroom they mentioned that I could not get it without also adding $50/mo for the data plan because the 650 may connect on it own to data services and they had a customer rack up $18,000 unknowingly because his phone was doing this. they said it went all the way through the FL legislative system etc.

    Well to me, this sounds like their problem, and it rather upsets me that I cannot buy a phone and use it how I like, and they cannot "disable" data services if I decide i don't want them. Any suggestions? I currently have a vx9800, but would love to be able to have spreadsheets and some doc's on my phone for use in the field. Is Verizon just blowing smoke to try to get another $600/yr out of me?

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    It would seem that if you erased the data connection setup data (server, user, password, etc.) that your device could not "accidentally" connect, even if some software requested it. The conversation sounds suspect to me.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I've heard of setting up a "dummy" connection to nothing. So if your phone does try to connect, then it get's denied. So, from everything I've read...she didn't know what they were talking about. If you search for this topic here, you'll find a few threads on it.
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    the dummy connection works, also I use a program called battery dr that disconnects from data when you get a picture message. I have had the verizon treo since july and no data charges. Do a search and you will find inventive ways to prevent the connection.
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    If you use bluetooth on your laptop or PC, you could even set up reverse DUN. Not only do you not get charged for data this way, but you also have a usable internet connection when you are with your computer.

    When I activated my phone, they forgot to take the data plan off. It showed up on my first bill, but a short call to *611 took care of it.

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    You in now way need a data plan to operate a T650 on Verizon. In fact, thats why they have the insanely high priced 'pay per kilobyte' plan. If you don't sign up for the unlimited or the 10Mb plan, then you're on the pay per kilobyte plan automatically.

    With that said, my Treo never connects to the internet without me first telling it to do so. Just be aware of what you're setting up because if it does connect unknowingly and you're on the pay per kilo plan, it will rack up a crazy huge bill. But, pay attention when setting up or not setting up things like wireless sync and versamail. Make sure the default is always set up to ask you before attempting to connect to internet.

    My suggestion - call 611 and tell them you want a T650 with no data plan..they should tell you that you have 3 options...unlimited, 10MB, or pay per kilobyte. You then want the pay per kilobyte plan.
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    Im on a "pre-paid" or "pay as you go" plan with Verizon and in no way am I on ANY data plan. Ive even tried to connect to see what would happen with no go.

    I think its bogus what this guy is trying to "sell" you.
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    I was in the same boat as you. I wanted a PDA/Organizer/Phone/MP3 player, and don't do email on the Treo. Thus, I had no interest in a data plan. The only times I planned on using data was in those cases where I needed remote Internet access. I wanted to be able to use my Treo as my modem for my laptop using vzw national access/1xrtt -- just like my old phone. The old plan was minutes-of-use, and that's what I wanted on the Treo.

    I ended up getting the unlimited data plan b/c I found a way to get my company to pay for it. And I'm glad I did b/c I use data a lot more than expected. Directory Services, Google Maps, IM, Gmail/Yahoo mail. And even web surfing. Even though surfing on the Treo is like going back 10 years to 56k modems, if you turn off pictures it's not too bad. I use it in waiting rooms, at doctor/dentist/whatever, after lunch when the laptop's in the office, etc.

    I just don't think the Treo would be as much fun without a data plan. If I were paying the bill myself I'd probably switch to Sprint since (from what I've read at least) their unlimited data plan is only $10/month.
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    I sort of agree with that...however having never had an unlimited data plan, I don't know what I'm missing and the Treo with no data plan is still better than carrying a phone and a PDA or Franklin Planner or whatever.

    I'd consider switching to sprint for their cheaper data plan but since their coverage is terrible in my area and since my Treo is a phone first, makes more sense to be with Verizon right now.
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    thanks for the great feedback! guess i'll go in tomorrow night and get the treo (i have 15 days to trade in the vx9800).

    are the connection settings done from the treo, or do i need software on the computer to setup the null-connection?

    we only have linux computers, but i could setup a dual-boot if needed, or vm-ware or borrow an employees notebook or something. from the linux forums, it looks like the treo has pretty good linux office support which makes it very attractive for us.

    guess i still don't understand the data connection stuff though... with my vx9800, if i try to connect to the web, it gives me the rather common authentication error: 403 Access Denied. why can't they setup the treo service so that my account doesn't have data? as a consumer i should have that option. i'm still a bit miffed that there are only BUY options, but the "NO-THANKS" option is missing. am i just way out of line on this? aren't they setting themselves up to charge me an unauthorized data connection by defaulting it to "ON"?
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    Regarding the setup of data connections - if you install the Palm Versamail client (comes on CD with the treo), you can establish connection from the TREO to any pop3 client. I linked up to my commercial Yahoo account in about 2 minutes. it works just like a pop3 client on the PC.

    Now you have something complicated like a Lotus notes email system, you have to go through their wireless sync server and set up your PC as a gateway to the Lotus notes system. I am using this set up and it works well, as long as the PC is running. I keep my versamail client to have access to some form of email 24/7 without having to use the aformentioned Verizon services.

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    not to try to hijack your thread, but do I need a data plan if I just want to surf the web?
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    Just tell them to disable National Access. My 650 never searches the web for anything. I went back and forth with them in the store on this and they said they couldn't do it. Call *611 and talk to tech support. They say that the store workers have no idea what they're talking about. If they can't help you in the store, you can call tech support back and they will disable it for you.

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