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    Recently I noticed that when I'm in Snappermail & want to look at a photo that was attached to an email - selecting the photo no longer gives me the option of opening it in SplashPhoto. My available options are "Open with Pics&Videos", "Properties", "Beam", etc. I swear there used to be an "Open with SplashPhoto" option.

    Can anyone verify I'm not imagining this? If so, does anyone have any idea why this isn't showing up any more?

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    Launch SplashPhoto, open a picture and choose "Send" from the SnapperMail given as a choice? Is SplashPhoto still in RAM, or have you moved it to the card?
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    Yes, it does show while in Splashphoto that I can send via Snapper.
    I just figured it out - the last time someone sent me a picture, it was a .bmp file. I just emailed a picture to myself & since it was a .jpg file, it does give me the option in Snapper of opening with Splashphoto.
    Thanks for your reply - it got me to try something different than I had previously done (I won't say how many times I tried looking at that same .bmp file!).

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