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    I am considering purchasing a Db platform for my VPl. I've scoured the internet for reviews of ThinkDb and HandDbase, but I've yet to find a comparison review. I am typically very judicious with my palm software purchases and so I'd like to see if there is a consensus about which relational database product is the most prudent buy. If you have experience with both, please respond to the following:

    1.) Which Db (think or hand) is put together better? (e.g., bugs, updates, functional integrity, etc.)

    2.) Which Db is more cost-effective?

    3.) Which Db has more potential in terms of the development side?

    4.) Finally, what is your overall impression of both Dbs in terms of usability, plug-in compatibility, features and sophistication?

    Thanks to anyone who can contribute any of the above information.
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    Originally posted by saawfish
    1.) Which Db (think or hand) is put together better? (e.g., bugs, updates, functional integrity, etc.)

    I can really only answer this question. Here is what I did:

    1. with the intention of creating a db to track my hours (i work freelance) and calculate how much i'm owed, i downloaded thinkdb (not the new version that is in beta--but the fully released version).

    2. i read the manual.

    3. i created the app.

    4. it did not work.

    5. i posted what i thought was a bug to the thinkdb message board and also emailed their tech support inquiring about whether this aspect of the software was buggy.

    6. i checked back to the message board a few days later and found out that in fact, thinkdb was buggy. what i was trying to do was get thinkdb to take my end time and subtract my start time and therefore get a total time and multply it by the billable amount. thinkdb has a bug when it comes to dealing with time fields. the person posting this information did post a workaround but it was far too complicated for me to understand.

    7. i downloaded handybase to try and create the same app.

    8. made it in 15 minutes and it worked properly.

    9. i found what i thought was another bug in handybase... but it was more a cosmetic one--something i thought should work a certain way and it didn't. i emailed handybase tech support.

    10. my app still worked the way i wanted it to, regardless of the "bug".

    11. handybase mailed me back the next day explaining why the software worked a certain way (and not the way i originally thought it should). the explanation was clear--and it was obvious that the way the designers made it work was in fact more useful than the way i thought it should.

    12. i registered handybase.

    to this day (about a month after downloading thinkdb), thinkdb has not answered my query about the bug.

    in addition, handybase, in my opinion has a considerably better manual than thinkdb, which was convoluted.

    the only thing i actually preferred about thinkdb was that it allows you to create a db with tabs--something handybase does not. mind you, this is merely a cosmetic peeve.

    as someone who truly appreciates a well written manual--not to mention a tech support who at least acknowledges you with a reply, i would recommend you get handybase.



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