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    My lucky day a few weeks ago...found a 650 on the way to work. No success in hearing back from the number listed as *home*to get it back to the owner. So, I know I need to get a cradle and cable. But, can I "unlock" the verizon treo and then take it to my local sprint store (who I have 2 accounts with already) and have them convert it to their network?

    Thanks for looking and happy holidays!

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    Did you try putting the number listed as "home" through google or the reverse white pages to find the owner? Also, if you go to "prefs" and click on "owner" at the bottom of the page, is there anything entered there?
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    no one...sparse information in the treo. No result when goggled ph no.
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    Well, if you really want to return it to the rightful owner, I would suggest that you take it to a verizon store and tell them that you found it and would like to get it back to the owner. They ought to be able to find out whose phone it is, by the cell number on the phone info screen, or even the ESN. Either way, tell them you are going to hang onto the phone and they should contact the owner and have them contact you (I wouldn't give a store clerk the opportunity to pocket a free 650). You might try calling Verizon customer service first and save a trip to the store. At least that is what I would do.
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    I agree with gpco. Your "lucky day" was someone else's very unlucky day and you should try a little harder to return this phone prior to setting it up for yourself. To answer your original question, though, I do not believe you can convert a verizon 650 into a sprint 650 since the cellular technology differs.
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    You can't do anything with it at all. Verizon won't activate it once the owner reports it as stolen. Sprint won't activate any phone that is not in their database as a "sprint born" phone. It's only worth parts as you have it now. Might as well do the right thing and give it back.

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