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    I'd like to be able to categorize the apps I launch from an SD card -- in other words, I'm a neat freak and don't like to have all of my app icons lumped together on my SD Card menu ... :-)

    I like the simple uncluttered look of the native Palm Launcher, but it will not allow categorization of SD-based apps...

    Anywone know of a hack or simple launcher that will give me the same look as the Palm launcher, but allow categorization of SD apps? I've tried zLauncher and explored virtaul memory utilities (msmount) that offer a similar end result, but they are either too large and cluttered, unstable, or unnecesarily complex.

    Does a simple Palm-like third party launcher exist?
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    Zlauncher could do exactly what you want. Though it would still be a large application, it can be made to look pretty much exactly like the default launcher. Then you can create shortcuts to apps on cards and move those shortcuts into desired categories. Then you could hide the card category...

    I think launcherx might work for you as well, but i don't use it, so am not positive.
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    Spent some time with zLauncher... it's FAR too beg fow what I want/need. Is there a skin already built to look like the OEM Launcher?

    I'll have to check out luancherx.

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    The simpler launchers are probably SilverScreen, MegaLauncher, and LauncherX. Though you should probably try PowerRun (like msmount I think) first to see if that provides enough functionality for your needs.
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    This is an old review, but it will give you an idea of what is available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kd_cooke
    ...I'll have to check out luancher x.
    Make sure that you pick up the patched version, suitable for the Treo 650:
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    LauncherX is indeed one of the first and the best. Small, fast and powerful.
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