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    I'm using unregistered version of UM 2.79. I just got a Tre650 recently (my first palm device) and prior reading led me to install this first since I knew I would be trying out a lot of apps. From what I read, the biggest benefit to UM (other than sandbox) was that it was able to track all the little data niblets created by apps and more cleanly delete an app, moreso than the default method.

    I just had an endless soft-reset cycle after messing around with versamail. I used Uninstall Manager to uninstall Versamail but about half of the associated files could not be deleted (unfortunately I didn't copy down the error so I don't know why). So I guess there are several things left on my drive depsite using UM.

    Is there a consensus (if there is such a thing as it relates here) that UM is significantly better than a generic delete. Can someone give an example of how it's better, rather than just buying into the marketing claims of Northglide?

    If it's worth it, I'll buy it. But after this experience I'm not sure if it is.
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    Which phone do you use? In non-verizon phones, Versamail is built into the ROM and cannot be removed.

    Honestly, I use UM, but when things get bad, or after a firmware update, I end up doing a hard reset and re-installing my applications. It's cleaner that way.

    UM could be more useful to someone who tries out lots of applications before deciding whether to keep them. The Sandbox in UM is ideal for that. Me, I install (and use) main-stream applications and don't typically delete too many of my applications.
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    I use Verizon. I always wondered why I saw posts mentioning Versamail was built-in, but yet I had to install from CDROM. Still not sure if I'll keep UM or not, but thanks for the reply.
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    The reason probably why you couldn't delete some versamail files is b/c they were probably locked as read only when installed. The only way to remove them in this case would be to do a warm reset to put the treo into debug mode that disables all extensions etc. If you had warm reset teh Treo and then used Uninstall Manager, it probably would have successfully removed all the versamail components imo...but of course ymmv...

    Another nice feature of UM3 IMO is the recording feature which is nice when you want to demo apps installed from the card which I often do...
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