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    I have Missing Sync 5 installed on my Mac. So far it's been great. Syncing my address book with my contacts on my Treo 650. recently I installed the the new Cingular firmware patch. I did a sync to get my old info back and for some reason I find that my address book is completely empty except for the Cingular service numbers on the SIM card. I even checked overwrite handheld with desktop data.

    I now have to manually re-input all my data, this is not including the ones I lost because I have no way of getting the contact info. ARGH

    Has anyone else had this problem? I think I will contact Mark Space about this as well.

    nota: my .mac account still hold some contacts. Is there a way to make the online address book overwrite what is on my computer? I am afraid to sync it and have my .mac online info the same as what I have on my treo.

    thanks! and be careful when you sync. Make sure you back up!
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    I have had this same thing happen to me but when my Treo battery died and I had to restore it from a sync, not a true backup. My thoughts are it has something to do with the databases AddressDB & ContactsDB-Pad. AddressDB is old school and iSync/Address Book uses it which Treo Address Book can read and store into the new school ContactsDB-Pad. To overwrite your desktop with your .mac account info, open .mac preferences in your system preferences and under advanced, reset sync data. Then sync with .mac and it will ask you which way to sync.
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    Not sure I really understand all that

    I found one easy method to backup address book and ical is to go under File in both programs and backup the databases. I just backup them up to a local folder and back it up to my idisk.

    thanks for the .mac sync tip. I knew it was somewhere but couldn't find it.

    It was a lot of fun manually inputing all that data
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    yeah, the same thing happened to me and my .mac wasn't working for whatever reason... not too fun. i restored from an sd backup, but then i read on the markspace site that they don't support palm overwriting the now i back up the ab and ical dbs manually, but not the best experience.
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    This is a huge and retarded bug. I have .mac also and after it blanked out my address book, it synced it with .mac and wiped out that one too. I am very pissed. I do have a backup of all palm databases, but how to I restore my address book from there? Can anyone please help?!
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    If my memory serves my correctly, open up the iSync application, click your palm device. Then under Devices, reset device. Then I believe the option to overwrite which will be available (Mac or Device).

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