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    My girlfriend has a Treo650 and she likes to capture video with it, but she complains about the built-in memory limitations. I'm thinking about buying her an SD card to take care of the memory problem, but I have some questions before I do. Since I'm hoping to surprise her with this, I can't ask her for her manual without giving myself up, so I appreciate non-RTFM answers

    1- What's the video format and resolution for the Treo650

    2- What is the ratio of minutes of video captured to MBs of memory used? Basicaly, how long can you record on 256MB/512MB/1GB cards?

    3- Can the device capture video directly to the SD card, or does it only capture to the built-in memory and then you have to transfer the video file manualy to the card? Basicaly, can you capture video until the SD card fills/battery dies or are you limited by the built-in memory for clip length?

    4- If the device only captures to the built-in memory, is there any third-party software workarround?

    5- Should I just buy her a digital still/video camera instead?

    Thanx for any help.
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    1) 3g2, an MPEG4 format IINM. rez is 352x288 for movies, 640x480 for pics
    2) About a minute/MB on mine
    3) yes, can capture directly to the SD card. You can capture 'til battery dies or out of space (not really sure what you're asking here)
    4) n/a I guess since it captures to the card
    5) if you want better pix/movies than the treo can give you, of course.
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    I'll just get her the SD card then. If I get her a camera, she'd just forget to take it. Her Treo, she never leaves behind.

    I guess I'll get her a 256MB since that's more minutes of video storage than battery life.

    ~256min of video > 240min of battery (four hours.)

    Sound about right?

    *edit* just to be sure, the Treo takes standard SD cards or the mini SDs?
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    256 is not a whole lot if you think she might also want to store some .mp3s on there.

    512M will give her a little more room to where she could fit more than a few CDs, and still have room for videos.
    Plus, she might just "appreciate it" a little more if you know what I mean.
    1 Gig, and she'll love you long time...
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    I'm getting her an ipod for Christmas. That'll take care of the mp3s

    Thanx for the thought, though!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bolter
    I'm getting her an ipod for Christmas. That'll take care of the mp3s

    Thanx for the thought, though!
    just my $0.02...

    For the cost of the iPod, you can get a 1gb card, and pTunes and forgoe the iPod. A 256Mb is going to get filled in no time between pics, vid and software apps. The Treo can easily replace the functions of the iPod (especially if you dont have the iPod yet and haven't been spoiled)
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