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    I've been using Versamail without any problems for a couple of months on a T650, Sprint CDMA.

    Since Monday (12/5), Versamail cannot/will not connect to the Sprint network. It just hangs, then gives an error message about a timeout delay and to try again later.

    I can connect to the Web via Blazer, so it doesn't appear to be a phone issue.

    Couldn't find anything posted here on this specific problem. Anyone else have this happen? Is there a fix? Thanks.
    T650 on Sprint's Wireless Wonder
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    I'd start by reinstalling reVersamail.
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    this happened to me a couple of weeks ago--and since my outgoing mail from my main (non-Sprint) account goes through Sprint's SMTP, it meant i couldn't send any mail from Versamail. I changed my sprintmail password and edited the account's preferences in Versamail, and everything worked fine.
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    Thanks for the suggestion of reinstalling Versamail. I couldn't figure out how to do it without doing a hard reset. And that ain't gonna happen.

    Fortunately, my email is set up through Gmail, so I could just log on with Blazer and read it that way. Not as neat and clean as using VM.

    So, I went to post the problem in Palm's forums (and their webpages take forever to load). Tried retrieving mail via Versamail to see the full error message and, of course, it connected to the web just fine! I didn't see any posts in Palm's forums specifically on this problem either.

    Had not made any changes to my Treo - no new software, no resets, etc. since the problem started. It's the magic of Treo!

    May go ahead and buy a version of Snappermail after all. Fortunately, mine was set up to work with Gmail, so I could just log on through Blazer and read it that way.
    T650 on Sprint's Wireless Wonder
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    I long ago gave up on Versamail as a resident email app and have since relied exclusively on Blazer to access both Yahoo mail and my corportate Exchange 2003 server for email. Yeah, it sucks not having email "resident" on my handheld at times (like when I am outside Verizon 1x service range) but my Treo functions almost flawlessly and my sync times are fractional as to what they were using reVersamail. Once Chatter goes public with Exchange OWA access I will give that a try...but my experience is that accessing email via Blazer is far preferable to using reVersamail.

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