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    I'm an elementary school teacher, and I'm looking for a checklist app with multiple columns. Basically, I'd like to use it for informal evaluation, such as if the kids are doing a lab in science. I could check columns relating to how well they're using materials, following directions, cooperating, and so on. Ideally, I'd like something which would allow me to choose the number of columns in a list. I'd also like to be able to rename the lists. Almost all of the checklist apps I've seen have had only one column. Some have had embedded checklists, but that's not really what I'm looking for either. The closest thing I've been able to find is TeamFile, which has 3 columns. Unfortunately, they're always headed Yes, No, and ?, and you can't change the titles. I'd also like to have more than three columns. Can anyone suggest an application?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Have you tried any of the spreadsheet apps? Tinysheet and Quicksheet both sync with the PC.
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    It sounds like a database application is the solution you need. HandDbase, ThinkDB or just about any other general purpose database app should work fine.
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    Thanks, will check them out.

    cfralick: Is Tinysheet compatible with Excel? Could I create a spreadsheet in Excel, then Hotsync it to Tinysheet, and vice-versa?
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    Tinysheet and Quicksheet both sync with Excel.
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    I think for this purpose a spreadsheet is better. As a teacher, I find the use of a spreadsheet isn this case will be more efficient. Plus, In the classroom. I don't have time to open and close each database record for each student. If you use MS Office, I'd get Quick Office by Cutting edge Software. It includes Quicksheet and Quickword (formaerly SmartDoc) both of these applications sync with office with no problem. If you want to try a DB app. I'd recommend ThinkDB. It may not be as powerful as HandDB but it is very easy to use. I hope this helps.

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