I'm using mSafe and have the program set to lock my Treo 650 when it resets/reboots. But it doesn't. Although I have that setting checked, when I reset my Treo, it starts up normally.

I've also had this behavior (or I should say non-behavior) with another security program: Warden. I had Warden set to lock my Treo 650 after a reset, but that just doesn't happen.

mSafe will lock my Treo 650 by SMS.

Does anyone know why my Treo 650 isn't locking on reset?

I thought the problem might have to do with another application, and I turned off TreoGuard and Resco Lock, figuring those might be the most likely culprits. But my Treo 650 still doesn't lock after being reset.

The Treo's built-in security application sometimes will lock my Treo 650 after a preset time -- sometimes it won't. I can always manually lock my Treo. Can anyone offer a solution?