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    Hi I have recently upgraded from a treo 600 to a treo 650 and i was wondering if there is any device or application i can add so that i can use my treo 650 as a radio. I am quite often away at weekends and it would be great if i could listen to the football (soccer) on my treo as if it were a walkman with a radio. Does anyone know if such a device exists ???
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    Pocket tunes deluxe has streaming MP3 capability. I listen to international soccer games from south america on a peruvian station. There must be other stations transmitting on the web. check shoutcast .com for streaming content and for the software.
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    You could try buying pTunes and streaming Shoucast. I don't know if there is anything out there that will allow you to listen to AM/FM.
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    does this mean that you have to be "online" to listen to the games? so i will have to pay for the amount of download time while it is streaming. I know that the football is broadcast on the websites and i can listen online with my pc using real player. i guess what would be ideal would be to have an add on DAB Digital radio ??
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    I remember seeing a headphone setup that had an fm reciever and tuner in it.
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    any idea where i can get one from. I am desperate to utilise my treo 650 as a radio on my travels. it must be able to be done. even if there is something that just uses the power from the treo then that is ok...
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    Call up the radio station that broadcasts the game and have them put you on hold so you can listen
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    Take a look at this, It may work. I'm waiting for a review.

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