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    I had a Sprint Treo 650 and the buttons did not work right. Since it was still under the warranty, Sprint replaced it with a refurbished Treo. Is it standard not to replace a device with a new one? So far it seems to be working fine, but there are a few differences. For one, the stylus is difficult to get in and out due to how tight it fits. Also, on the top of the Treo, the speaker icon for the sound on switch is black, rather than the hollow outline drawing that the sound off icon is. On my last Treo (as well as all the pictures I have seen online) both icons are outlined rather than solid black. The last noticable difference is that when I turn on the phone I get the Treo splash screen instead of the Sprint screen. Anyone know what might be up here?
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    Newer hardware version, different firmware version. Unless the new phone is problematic don't worry about it.
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    I bought my Treo two months ago brand new - same as yours. Mine was the latest REVISION. I wouldn't worry about it...unless it acts goofy...then I would demand a new one...just my $.02 worth... :-)

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