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    I frequently receive both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese SMS on my Treo650 with CJKOS v4.621. However, Treo650 can only correctly display either Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese, NOT both.

    In other words, if I set the CJKOS char set to Chinese GB, I can see Simplified Chinese SMS properly, but, I see a mixture of ? (question mark) and chinese char when receving Traditional Chinese SMS.

    Since I can't predict the char set of the next incoming SMS, I need a way to configure CJKOS to auto detect or auto switch.

    I'm on Treo 650, CJKOS v4.621 (installed both traditional and simplified chinese char set and GB<>BIG5 table) with Chinese GB as char set, Auto as Display, and enabled Smart Detect Char Set. This setup doesn't seem working.

    pls assist. Thanks in advance!
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    I assume that you can read both Chinese character (Traditional & Simplified). If so, please refer to
    Check the section regarding to Unicode implementation plan.
    Good luck
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    Thank you!!!!

    Very useful info. I will test it today.
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    Perfect! It works! And it is what I want!!! Thank you!

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