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    Ok, I did do a search and found Quickster's TreoOffOn, but does anyone know if there is an app. out there that when tapped turns off the radio and when tapped again, turns the radio on? I don't need all the different features in TreoOffOn. I just want a very simple tap on / tap off app. for the radio. Thanks for any help.
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    Will you take a simple "hold the button down for a few seconds" instead? The red power button does that.

    Search for RadioState.prc That will turn the radio on after resets.
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    I know that the red button powers it on and off. I just want an app. that does what I desribed in my first post. I don't need it to be on after resets.

    So, anyone else know if there is an app. that does this? Power radio on with a tap, then off with another tap?
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    Try this...
    You will need a DA launcher...
    Both programs are small and free.
    Work great on my 600.
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    It says that it's for turning a wifi radio on or off. Does it work with the Treo 650's cell radio then?

    Also, I don't know if this is what I'm looking for. I don't think this can be assigned to another button on the button prefs. so that the assigned button will turn the cell radio on / off.

    Thanks though.
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    Won't assigning it to a hard button make it prone to be accidentally shut off? That would mean missed calls, messages, etc. Not sure how good of an idea that is.

    Don't take this as an attack, but why are you so frustrated with the built-in ability to turn the radio off by holding the red button? Maybe if you describe the problem you want this to solve someone will have a suggestion for an existing solution.
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    Also, if you don't want the radio on after resets, you could simply get an app like mreset and assign that to a button. Then when you press that button your treo will soft reset...and come back on without the radio.
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    Not using the red call end button is a personal preference as I always somehow end up turning the Treo off as well. I don't care whether the radio is on or off after a reset. Also, if I assigned it to another button, it wouldn't be a problem because I have the keygaurd active anyway when I'm not using the thing.

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