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    due to the fact that the treo 650 does not support an SD card over 4gb, I want to perhaps use mp3pro format files (some say at 64kbps, mp3pro files are still CD quality) if pocket tunes supports it.

    does pocket tunes support mp3pro ? Or perhaps another audio player for palm supports mp3pro?

    Maybe I should re-encode my 192kbps MP3's to OGG - I hear 64kbps or 96kbps is good. Any ideas?
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    Ok, after some reasearch, I concluded that while ptunes does support mp3pro, it doesn't support it fully.

    Now, I decided to give OGG Vorbis a try. What I did was convert a 192kbps MP3 to 64kbps (constant bit rate) OGG Vorbis format using a program called ACE-HIGH MP3 WAV WMA OGG (which converts between those formats, to and from). I then played the converted OGG file in Winamp and it sounds EXCELLENT (though hearing quality varies person to person, result was surprising - and I even played the original MP3 and converted OGG file back to back)! The file size was 1/3 the size of the original MP3 (a 7:43 min sont @ 64kbs OGG file was 3,769kbps in size).

    Very good news for those of us with 2gb (or even smaller) Secure Digital cards, and a great workaround for palm's 2gb Secure Digital card limit

    now once I get a headphone adaptor for my Treo 650, I will test it with pTunes.
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    ogg is great
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    PLUS: ogg is open-source, and therefore FREE! And you can use Aeroplayer with ogg files for FREE too!!
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    I've also found WMA-VBR works pretty good (much better than MP3)..VBR 50-95Kbps sounds ok...The benefit of that is you can do it directly from WMPlayer via the Ptunes interface

    I havent messed with OGG though (My wife has a Window Mobile phone so the WMA can sync to both and has better quality/size than MP3)

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