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    I'm trying to decide which way to go for my Treo. If I understand correctly, web based RSS readers like Bloglines check your subscribed feeds every so often, so when you look at the site, you get the most recent things it has checked. Dedicated apps normally only update the feeds on the Treo during a hotsync, using the "base" PCs Internet connection (except for any that might be able to check via Internet connection on the Treo).
    So - if you use a dedicated app, your feeds are probably not going to be updated (where you can see the updates on the Treo) during the day, but the web based ones would always be updated when you go to the website during the day.
    If you have a data plan for Internet connectivity on the Treo, I guess I don't see a reason to NOT use a web based RSS reader - where the dedicated apps are better geared to non-connected Treos. (I'm asking - NOT stating).

    If I am missing something, please let me know. One of the main things I want out of RSS is quick updates for news, weather, etc.

    So which route seems to be the best for me?
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    Quicknews...updates your feeds over the air or via hotsync, or both.
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    yeah what he said,i use it too.
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