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    My 650 is woefully low in memory (2.8MB), and I'm trying to figure out what, beyond my media files, can be causing this. Frankly, I don't have that many pictures or videos on here now (most of them are on the SD card and I'm moving the rest to SD already), so that probably isn't the problem. Nor do I have many applications installed--in fact, the only one installed is Docs to Go. I haven't hotsynced recently (for various reasons), so I'm not using the latest firmware...I'd feel more comfortable hotsyncing after I free up more space.

    The only thing I can think of is Blazer--I did a fair amount of saving pages to read later recently, and even though I've deleted most all of those already, I'm wondering if Blazer might still be tying up resources?

    Working under that theory, how can I remove other stuff to get the memory level up, so I can hot sync? How can I tell (from the info screen, which shows how much space is being used by what), what I can get rid of? I can't hot sync until I free up space: I've had the unit "blow up" into infinite looping after syncing on low memory, so I won't do that again.

    Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

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    Do you have the DataViz Tech Tool?

    It frees up to 4mb of internal memory by moving the Docs To Go program files to your SD card while leaving the icon and access point in your internal memory.

    Also, are you "copying" or "moving" the media files. Once copied to the SD card you have to go back and delete them from internal memory to regain the space. Go to Pics and Videos and select the internal memory icon (looks like a PDA in the upper right corner of the screen) -- if pictures show up -- they are still in internal memory.

    After doing these two things, how much memory do you have free? With "nothing" but Docs to Go installed, and all media files on the SD card, you should have 15mb+ free. And if you have "nothing" installed -- getting rid of things via the delete function can get you in trouble -- most should stay.

    FileZ is a powerful freeware file manager for the Palm OS.
    select download
    (Checkout Due Yesterday while you are there -- great student planner.)

    Be very careful with FileZ -- it allows you to see all files, instead of just programs like info or delete do. If you do not know what it is or does -- DO NOT DELETE IT!

    Cheers, Perry.
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    It seems as if you know a lot about moving applications to an SD card. I was hoping you could help me or anybody, please. And Dutch, I did run a search. I couldn't find an answer to this question in particular.

    Perry, I recently took your advice and downloaded FileZ and the dataviztool. By running the tool and moving some applications to my card, I have 10.6M available on my handheld. Hurray! However, I'm getting greedy. I want more. I am now curious about moving the following applications from my handheld to my card using FileZ but am unsure since most of them came on the device or was installed thru the installation CD. Would you please comment?

    The applications that I have yet to move are:
    1. Quick Tour---From Cingular (I would rather delete)
    2. Xpress Mail---From Cingular (I would rather delete)
    3. Calc---came with installation CD
    4. Calendar---came with installation CD
    5. Camera---came with installation CD
    6. CJListLauncher
    7. Contacts
    8. Documents (However, the icon is still there even though the tool moved it over?)
    9. Get Good---From Cingular Patch
    10. Media---came with installation CD
    11. Memos---came with installation CD
    12. Messaging---came with installation CD
    13. PrintMe---came with installation CD
    14. RealPlayer---came with installation CD
    15. Shadow
    16. Tasks---came with installation CD
    17. Welcome---came with installation CD
    18. World Clock---came with installation CD
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    No to almost all of them because they're in ROM not RAM. Don't know what PrintMe and Shadow do but if you installed them yourself and they don't need to run in the background then you should be able to move them to the card
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    Thanks Scotty!
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    No sweat
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    Can you put FILEZ itself on the SD card ?
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    sure, why not? it doesn't run in the background.
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    One that will will eat up a lot of space is the phone log. Clear it out from time to time.
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    ...and MultiMail Attachments ate up my memory. It can safely be deleted (after a backup of cause).
    A soft reset generates will a new empty copy of this file. Perform the SR after deleting the file.
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