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    I just changed from the Blackberry 7100 to the treo 650. What programs are a must for the treo? Thanks
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    It's a question which is asked often.

    Please start here.
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    Directory Assistant - Unbelievable

    needed to find a snow plow guy, saw him plowing a driveway down the street, got the house number off the mailbox, did a reverse lookup in DA, called the homeowner who gave me the company name, did a business search in DA and 60 seconds after I started I had copied his contact info to my phone (thru DA) and was on the line with him.....

    That's ease of use
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    The best and most functional Today (summary) app. I use it the most of any app I have.
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    The most essential program is the search engine on this website.

    Seriously, TONS of tips and tricks to be found.
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    Look in the applications thread. Look for "essential programs."
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    Wow! This '2day' looks awesome! I just downloaded the trial version. Thanks!

    What's really cool about it that it's sort of a one stop place for the calendar and tasks. But you can easily get to the normal Treo calendar and tasks if you want.

    Have I mentioned: ROCKS ! !

    One more late comment: I wish people would stop posting links to awesome Treo software. This thing is 20 dollaring me to DEATH!

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