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    Hi All
    sorry about this but i have bought a orange Treo 650 that has been unlocked. I am using it with a vodafone UK Sim. The FW is 1.21 and software verison is 1.09ouk. I would like to update to new verisons of software but Palm website warns against updating if it is a branded phone. The unit is 3 months old and i am not worried about losing all the Orange "bunff". Would this be the case if i used the Palm unbranded update.
    I would just like it to work as advertised. It crashes, locks up and is constantly reconnecting to GPRS!! and not forgeting the switching off and on again willy nilly.
    I am not the best of whizz kids concerning technlogy but like to think i can get by. So please if you can help please try and keep it straight foward.
    Many thanks and regards
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    Go ahead and update from the Palm website. You will lose your Orange branding, but the gain from a more stable Treo will be worth it. The likelyhood of Palm updating the OrangeUK SW and FW is highly unlikely in the near or distant future considering that OUK is such a tiny fish as far as Treo goes. I would backup all your present settings and take a note of your GPRS and any mail setting in case those get wiped.
    Just follow the instructions on the web site. Oh and be aware that upgrading will almost certainly lock your handset again and it will require another unlock!
    Best of luck.
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    Thanks for the fast reply Scudder
    Any idea how to re unlock the unit after the update.
    Sorry but i am a newbie at this.
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    I'm not sure you can just use the firmware upgrade on the Palm site. I would wait for more responses before attempting it. I used the older 1.23 firmware that someone hacked, followed by the latest software from the Palm site.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Thanks for the warning Checkmate.
    I,ll wait and see for now. Checkmate i see your based in southampton ,me too. is there any chance you could PM me with details of your update FW.
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    will do.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)

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