Had a CNG '650 from May. Phone info indicates rev of 1.31. Died recently (headset jack decided it was always plugged in, when not), and just got my replacement. Phone info says rev is 1.15. I got the old one unlocked in Sep, but never did anything with it in regards to general GSM firmware, foresaking the CNG stuff. Now seems like the ideal time to do so. So:

1. What firmware/rev do I want to use, and where to I get it? PalmOne?
2. I suppose I need to get this one unlocked first; will call CNG customer service and verify, take care of it if needed.
3. I have heard there is a very detailed posting of what do do, how to do it, and what one must not do, but cannot identify it from a search. Someone please reply with the link.

Thanks for the help.