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    I have solved one problem with installing tomtom Navigator 5 on my Powerbook OS- 10.4.3 with Missing Sync 5.02. The tomtom conduit was not seen by Missing Sync when I installed from the CD, but the downloaded updated version (5.21) properly installed the conduit so that I was able to install the application onto my SD card during the sync. However I'm stuck again on the next step of installing the regional map. There are 8 CDs in the set and no description and each CD has the same looking installer (tomtom setup), so I have no idea how to select to install a Toronto map. I don't want to install everything.

    I have read somewhere to one can install the maps faster using card reader, which would be fine, but how do I know which files on which CD to install onto the card??

    I find the lack of instructions and information totally apalling, I gave up holding on the support line, trying to get thru to their tech support dept. I bought the software alone, since I already have bluetooth receiver (iTrek) and the Mapopolis is a breeze compared to installing this. I'm already sorry I just spent $200 on it. I wonder how many more time I'll get stuck getting it to work or if I should just send it back now.


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    I gave up on trying to install from the CD, since the tomtom conduit was not seen by Missing Sync, but after trying the 5.21 update, the conduit was installed and I was able to install the tomtom application, but got stuck again on the Maps.

    I installed the Canadian map from the map CD1 (90 mb, it took over 1 hr using the USB sync), but the Navigator on the Treo can't find any maps, even though I copied some more maps (expanded from the CAB files using Stuffit Expander) and copied them to the SD card tomtom directory using a card reader. I than installed the original Navigator from the CD again and now the Navigator still can't see the maps and gives me an option to download maps, after putting in my user and password, which of course I don't have. I don't see the option to activate the maps I have - probably since it can't see them.

    I need some advise what to install or re-install so that my maps will be recognized by the Navigator so that I can activate them.

    By the way, it's is totally impossible to get some help from tomtom. They just don't call back if you leave a message and they never answer the phone. I am totally impressed with their software and customer support.


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