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    I am looking for an applicatoin that allows me to make notes on a contact while actually talking to that contact?

    Any feedback is ok. I just think it is horrible that there is no good way to edit contact info of the contact your talking to with out having to go to the trouble of looking him up. Then if you do that if you don't take action in 10 seconds it autatically switches you back to the phone screen and you loose what you entered in.
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    I use a Memo for that; after the call, I cut and paste into the Contact.
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    I use memo as well but "BugMe" might be another option.
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    You could do this in Agendus latest version too - at least in the pro version...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic

    handwave is dead. I love callnotes it does everything your asking for. ...but work now that handwave is gone. wth!!! Anyone have any info? My reloaded callnotes is back in trial mode.
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    Call Log+ will do this and it syncs with Outlook Journal
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    Call Filter also supports notes after the call. Also, you can take notes while talking. Ben

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