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    Heya All,

    I have searched but found nothing on the phrase above.

    My new treo 600 (Orange Branded but Unlocked) is currently sitting in the cradle on my desk. I have seen it now light up to the Keyguard about 5 times so far this afternoon. It is not receiving any calls or SMS or alarms, nor does it seem to be doing anything but trying to start. THere is nothing touch any buttons

    Any thoughts on what could be causing this

    Thanks very much
    Steve Dingle
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    do you have datebk5 installed with the "datebk5 handles alarms" option enabled? I've found that with that and when cell service is lost or restored, the screen comes on.
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    Heya AlanK

    Thanks for the quick response. No I don't have that software. The only non-standard software I have that has alarms is WorldMate but I don't have any alarms set for it

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    This was happening when I was using VeriChat. The screen would come on randomly (no messages or calls coming in), then go off after 2 mins. Sometimes the screen would not go off but the keyguard would stay on. What a battery killer that was. I was never able to find a stable version of Verichat so I use Toccer and have never had the problem again.

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