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    I'm having trouble with severe static when using a bt headset. I had a motorola 820 good. Bought another, Jabra bt250v hoping that would work better. WRONG.. still static even if on my side or sitting 5 feet away on a table. Also, very poor signal (breaking up, droped calls) is this just a treo problem? I've read through the post but there seems to be no definative solution. Also I have verizon service. I really need the headset as I am a little hard of hearing and the phone speaker sucks. thanks, Stiver
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    Does it help if the headset is on the same side of your body as the Treo? I don't have a static problem with my headset (HBH-660), but Palm mentions in their knowledgebase that one may experience a problem if the user's body is between the Treo and headset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stiverp
    I really need the headset as I am a little hard of hearing and the phone speaker sucks. thanks, Stiver
    If that's the only reason you need the headset, I highly recommend Volume Care. Doesn't help the volume with BT headsets, but it really boosts the handset, back speaker, and corded headset.
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