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    Has anyone tried Seidio new Springclip Holster for Skinned Treo ? Can this work with Treo 650 as well as Treo 600 ?
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    I'd check and make sure that the card is not hit when your putting your phone in the holster, or taking it out.

    Looks like it may be a problem where the top tab is located.
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    I'd let you know how mine works, but it arrived broken. No response on how to send it back to have it replaced.
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    It's a nice holster. The belt clip seems considerably more sturdy than the clips on thier other holsters. I haven't had any problems with the top clip hitting the SD card. Every-now-and-then the top clip does catch the top cut-out of the skin which may increase the chances of a tear.

    It takes some practice to return the Treo to the holster with one hand but after a few tries, the holster can be operated one-handed. It's a good holster and the skin is nice too. Only drawback I've found on the skin is that it attracts dust, lint and other little things due to it's tackiness.

    As far as it fitting the Treo 600 as well as the 650, I don't know. I think it only fits the 650 but will defer to SeidioSeidio to tell for certain.
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    This just happened. After getting a call, I was replacing the 650 in the holster when the clip on top just came off. Broken. !!! I am sure I did not exert any undue pressure. It is 3 days old. !!!
    I always use both hands to get it out of and into the holster.
    This is the holster which I got with the kit - Skin+ holster + back cover.

    David, the clip is attached to the holster by two VERY small points of attachment, which is the weak point as somebody already has pointed out.
    I request this be remedied and my holster replaced as this appears to be a design flaw.
    I can provide pics if you want.

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