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    Check out the thread at:

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    Hopefully this will helps users than ran into the ROM update problems making their Treo unusable.
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    Nice work! So when it's in a more user friendly form, can the backup of our ROM that we make, be used to make a custom ROM as well? Also, will we need to buy a Treo 650 serial cable or can will we be able to use the USB cable it comes with?
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    Yes, the backup you make could be used to alter a rom image also. It's a little more complicated that way at the moment, but with a good little program to search for the zip file in the image, it'll be easy. Also, currently a serial cable is the only way from within windows. But a USB fix can be accomplished if I can get the code written to open the usb port properly. mtty and teraterm just don't support the options we need though.
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    Wow, great work there!
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