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    I have a query regarding Versamail...

    I intend to configure Versamail to access Exchange 2003 Server via an Activesync account

    The documentation by Palm says that the Activesync downloads the last 7 days of appointments and deletes all others.
    How does it handle future appointments?
    How does it handle recurring appointments (eg annual appointments like birthdays)
    How does it handle appointments that span more than 7 days?

    In the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync® Administrator’s Guide ( Page 16 says:

    "Calendar events and Exchange ActiveSync
    In a VersaMail account that uses Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, any new
    Calendar events on the server for the preceding seven days are downloaded to the device; any events older than seven days are removed from the device, although they remain on the server. The interval for synchronizing Calendar events is always seven days, even if a different interval is set on the device for synchronizing email messages. If the interval is less than 14 days, then 2 weeks of calendar data is removed; if the interval is more than 2 weeks, then one month of calendar data is removed."

    What does the last sentence mean?

    I've been using Versamail via hotsync only (not wireless) to basically create a read-only copy of my inbox & outbox. I've noticed that the times on the emails are incorrect by 1 hour. I presume that this is because of daylight saving.
    How do I correct this?
    Should I also assume that my calendar entries will be incorrect by 1 hour? (NB. this would make my calendar practically useless)

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Treo650-1.13-ROW ROM; unlocked GSM
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    So we got OWA going on the server, and then I created a Versamail Activesync account. Unfortunately I did encounter a time difference of 1 hour. It appears that the treo doesn't correctly allow for daylight saving even when all the settings are adjusted for it.

    While I'm happy to accept that for emails, it makes the calendar useless.

    Does anyone know how to beat this?

    Treo750 on WM6
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    So I installed the 1.2 update yesterday, created a new EAS account and found that it works perfectly.

    So there you go...

    Treo750 on WM6

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