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    Simply put, don't buy this case. I'd attach pictures but a) it's a clear case and b) I'm being lazy.

    The pros:
    - It looks really cool.
    - Cutouts for everything (no reset hole).

    The cons:
    - It doesn't fit well. There are gaps in the plastic and in some places the finish of the plastic is less than adaquate.
    - It's too large... even if I squeeze the two halves together snugly, the treo still moves around inside.
    - The latches are WEAK. I thought perhaps I could fix the above issue with some slim rubber or felt strips... but any amount of outward pressure and the case pops open.
    - The sides next to the keyboard are way too high, and interfere with typing.
    - The belt clip accepts a single small screw that goes into the back of the treo to hold it in place. So, the treo (case) has a single screw sticking out, and that screw fits in a groove in the belt clip. Flimsy.
    - The screen flips up (which I didn't want) but the little retainers that hold it in place on either side are VERY thin - like .5mm - they'd wear out with any kind of regular use.
    - I ordered it 2 months ago and it was backordered until now, only to recieve this junk.

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