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    I'm considering purchasing Resco Explorer. I noticed that the product description talks about backup features and photo viewing features but yet they offer other products specifically for these tasks. Do the other products just expand on Resco Explorer or are they entirely different products. Do they integrate and play well together? Do they need to? I think I would like to get Resco Explorer, Backup, and Photo Viewer. But only if they do a great job and work well together.

    I'd like to make things simpler. The idea of one product or at least one companies products performing multiple tasks is appealing to me. I love the choices in software but It's confusing having all the differnt UI's.

    Any advice or thoughts? I know I can try before I buy but I still value treocentral users input.

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    well explorer is a multi functional app that does pretty much everything .........file management, zipper, back up, launcher,photo veiwer etc. , as well as many other features also. while it does all these things, the other resco apps are more robust for what they do( i.e. resco backup has more comprehensive features specifically for backup such as scheduled backups, one or more sets of backups, backup of certain files,verification/confirmed "test" backup status,and many more features while resco explorer just does backups). it just depends what you are looking for, I myself have both resco explorer and backup.
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