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    How do I switch my phone over to the Cingular firmware? I want to migrate to Cingular but don't want to worry about an unlocked phone acting up, so is there a way I can just re-brand my phone? Thanks!
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    What's your firmware now? CNB? You should be able to do the CNG firmware update without any problem, only things different about it are you get the Xpressmail download link and more predefined favorites you won't want (most likely). Is your phone unlocked now or no? If it isn't you won't be able to use a Cingular SIM without getting the phone unlocked, regardless of the firmware version.

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    Nope, phone is not unlocked. I was hoping for a clean way to convert it to a cingular phone.
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    No clean way..either you pay to have someone unlock your phone or you sell it to buy a cingular branded one. Those are your two options.
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    Talk to Cingular if you are switching over to their service and explain your situation. They can unlock your phone.

    I am still with AT&T Wireless after many years. I had to call Cingular to get my unlock code (I travel internationally a lot) and they gave it to me for free, even though I wasn't switching to Cingular. Once your phone is unloicked all you need is a Cingular SIM. You don't even have to switch the firmware (you can if you want to).

    If Cinguilar gives you a hassle, there are a few services that can unlock your phone for a fee. Search the forums for people that have done it or check eBay.
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    Cingular (att side anyway) says that they don't unlock phones. Guess I'm paying to unlock!
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    I called the Cingular side (not AT&T) and they were able to give me the unlock code for my phone. It was pretty painless for me. One call did it and all I said I was traveling a lot (true and they could see that in my account) and needed to use local cards. I don't remember the number I called anymore, but I do remember the AT&T side said they couldn't do it but the Cingular side was able to. Someone posted the number to call here several months ago.

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