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    Has anyone used this case? I would like to hear someone's review since it looks very cool.
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    Take a look at the following discussion at 1src.
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    Regarding Speck Grip Skin with Holster for Treo 650:

    I just received mine by UPS about 2 hours ago, so I can't make much of a "usage" judgement yet since my Treo is just sitting on the desk now.

    Material (non-silicone stretchy plastic) appears durable, I like the feel of the grip sides. Of course, it makes the Treo slightly larger, which I think gives it a positive "solid" feel instead of a "bulky" feel. I also like the way it looks, I got black which I think makes it look more industrial than blingy.

    Top, side and bottom cutouts fit perfectly. Top only has cutout for mute, it does not allow access to SD (which I like) or IR (which if needed, I could rectify with a small hole punch I suppose). Side buttons are covered while still quite easy to operate. Bottom has full access to sync/charge/headset. Screen flip cover is fine, will obviously scratch easily - so perhaps I will put a protector on it.

    Big complaint right now (which I just emailed Speck about): The center strip that covers the nav buttons is not perfectly aligned. It is just a millimeter too high... Functionally, all the buttons push just fine and I'm not having a problem working the Treo; BUT - the strip has internal indentions that the physical buttons should fit into and they do not due to improper alignment. I've already tried to refit it and manuever the alignment, but the case is so closely molded that I cannot change the misalignment. Again - not a functional problem, more of a cosmetic one - but one that I expect them to fix. I worry that this might worsen over time, which would then become a functional problem.

    The holster seems decent enough, fits the Treo with the Grip Skin and has a basic swivel/lock. Holds it relatively close to the belt and higher than my Krussell case. It is open at the bottom which allows attachment of headset.

    So... right now I would say that it is a worthwhile purchase as long as they can fix the nav bar alignment. It might just be mine, it might be a design error - we'll see what they say to my email.

    Anything else in particular I can answer for you?
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    I like the feel and the flip cover. I used it for about 4 months then it seemed to eventually stretch out and become discolored and dirty. The holster broke while getting in the car.

    I now have a helix holster. To preserve the use of the flip cover, i cut the hinge nubs off, trimmed to a desired shape, and epoxyed them to the face of my treo. I will be adding egrips or a cheap alternative. I had to modify the holster a bit to clear the hinge nubs.

    This is day one of the switch and have nothing to report. Will update as needed.
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    Just got my Speck Grip Skin and I love this item. It adds the perfect amount of protection to give me peace-of-mind and to make the phone feel great in my hand. I only wish they had kept the skin over the keyboard and allowed the buyer to cut it off if they didn't like it.

    Now if I could only find a hip pouch that it would fit in for my long hikes and outdoor activities.
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    Agree with addictedtotech the nav button does not align, but it's still a great skin. I can't imagine being able to damage a 650 in this thing. It has not stretched in a few months use, but is now a little dirty.
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    Does the holster hold a skinned Treo firmly in place?

    I could easily get over the center strip problem if the holster holds the Treo in tight. Plus I really like that the SD card can't fall out.

    Please see my post here for why I'm asking.

    As for cleaning a skin my Seidio skin cleans up nicely with a few drops of dish detergent and some warm water.

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