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    I notice webpages start out loading fast then come to a crawl. Anyone know why? When tethered to my laptop the pages load much faster. It takes several minutes to load CNN, Cnet etc. It's like it gets to around 150k or so and then it just trickles in. I did a test and my Blackberry 8700 loaded CNN in 10 sec and the 650 took 2 min and 30 sec with the same amount of graphics.
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    Part of it is the PalmOS and its way of handling files, the other part is Blazer trying to amke it viewable while keeping it fast, the other part is that the sites you reference cater to Interenet Explorer and seem to load faster there than most there browsers.
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    Horrible isn't it? I can't understand it myself either. Here I was last spring, all excited about my shiny newly-arrived little Treo handheld, capable of downloading webpages at a blazing 150K, only to have my hopes and expectations dashed by this abomination of a program known as Blazer. 'Blazer' my ***. They should have named it 'Snailer'.

    It can't be the download speed nor the processor. Even my laptop running at 200 Mz in max battery save mode with FireFox has no problems zipping along via the bluethooth DUN connection on the Treo.

    I think the 'Blazer' (cough) programming team should be corralled and sent off to the glue factory. Retirement in pasture is too good for them.
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    Yea I am almost converted to my BB8700, its faster, verichat is more reliable, thinner, lighter, faster web browser, Oh and the push pull email is a nice bonus.
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    Yeah. I don't see why people don't complain more loudly about the lousy performance from Blazer.
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    Did you go to the CNN mobile site or the regular CNN site?
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    There are other options; Xiino, PicSel, Opera. They are all much faster than Blazer.

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    I only use blazer if I need to save a file or image from a website... otherwise I use Opera, WebViewer, or Xiino.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $BB$ $browsers$ $use$ $proxy$ $to$ $speed$ $up$ $and$ $compress$ $web$ $loading$. $I$ $know$ $Sprint$ $650$'$s$ $also$ $come$ $preconfigured$ $via$ $sprint$ $proxies$, $but$ $they$ $do$ $not$ $really$ $compress$ $pages$ $for$ $faster$ $loading$ $afaik$. $This$ $is$ $the$ $major$ $difference$ $between$ $the$ $two$ $afaik$. $Also$, $thsi$ $also$ $the$ $main$ $reason$ $why$ $other$ $devices$ $liek$ $the$ $sidekick$ $have$ $fast$ $web$ $loading$...$b$/$c$ $of$ $the$ $proprietary$ $proxies$ $that$ $their$ $browsers$ $use$.

    This can be both good and bad though. It is good obviously b/c you can load pages faster, but it is also bad b/c it can prevent access to certain parts of the web and also b/c it raises a security risk b/c you have to go via a 3rd party proxy for your important critical data...

    To increase the speed of blazer, you can manually setup 3rd proxies services. Do a search for more info. Then there are services like etc that do this as well...
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    I can only agree with everyone about the extreme pokiness of Blazer, but unlink the Blackberry, we have several alternatives as people have mentioned. I use Xiino and am still amazed how quickly it is able to render pages. Plus, it has good 5-way navigation. Highly recommended.
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    I am not sure it is blazer or or other factors. I use the blue tooth DUNS to download large file as test. What I see is the bps starts reasonably high then steadily drops. Let it rest a while and you see it going back up again. Cingular or T-Mo.

    I notice the VZW Aircard 1xRTT doing the same thing. I have not notice the VZW EVDO card doing the same yet.

    I suspect it is the carrier controlling the throttle - giving you only "burst" speed of 140 or whatever but a much lower sustained speed so you don't hog the line.

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