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    Anyone want to sell me their Treo 600 USB sync cable? If not, where's the best place (and cheapest) to buy one?

    - Thanx
    - Jon
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    ebay for dirt cheap
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    Ebay is your cheapest bet. When I needed a new cable I went with a Sync & Charge from the TC store. Definitely really convenient. Not exactly the cheapest route but it is retractable so it's small and it charges through USB to keep your battery topped off. It does not have a hotsync button so it has to be done through the app. I only sync twice/day so this is not an issue.
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    Sync cables for $7.99; OEM cradle for $9.99. I grabbed the latter months ago when I started having sync problems. All has been fine and reliable since then. Actually got 2 cradles, one for home and one for office desk... Really nice / super convenient to be able to set the Treo in its little "home."
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    You probably already bought a cable, but I'll throw in my 2 cents. My original cable broke (the plastic covering the metal contacts on the plug broke), and I continued to use it for a few more syncs until the contacts themselves snapped off (they are extremely flimsy when not protected). I just bought a third-party retractable sync-n-charge w/ add-on vehicle adapter (usb end of cable plugs into this, which plugs into the vehicle cigarette lighter) for under $10 shipped. I have not yet used it to sync (I just got it, and I've been syncless for so long, I got out of the habit), but it charges just fine. I really like the compactness of this solution as compared to full size cables. One thing to note is that this uses a flat ribbon cable rather than the normal cylindrical (shielded?) cable, but it seems reasonably sturdy.

    Here is a link to a different auction for the same item from the seller from whom I bought mine. I have no affiliation with this person, other than having purchased mine from him, and there are plenty of other sellers who sell the same thing for the same price, so make your own decision as to from whom you feel comfortable buying:

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