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    I have loaded and uninstalled a secuirty program called PDASecure. Now I can't get rid of the Hot Sync piece of it. I've re-installed and uninstalled. I've done a Hard Reset and even deleted all the files in my back up folder. There is no trace of this program on my Treo 650 or PC. Can anyone help? Here's the log of the Hot Sync:

    Local PDASecureCnd
    OK Local PDASecureCnd
    Local PDASecureCnd
    OK Local PDASecureCnd

    I am just trying to get rid of this in the Hot Sync Log. Thanks, Jeremy
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    Check to see if there is a conduit for it in the hotsync settings. If there is - then the only way to get rid of the log is to see if you can turn off the conduit and or remove it from the registry.

    All too often these smaller companies will create a conduit as part of their program but fail to correctly remove it during a Windows unistall....then your forced into the Windows registry.
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