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    I'm looking for a program that can view pictures or graphic images on the Visor. What do you recommend?

    What I would like to do is show off my new born son's pictures with my visor. Any suggestions?

    Thanks !
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    I recommend AlbumToGo.

    It has an auto-slide-show mode. It even has optional special effects between the slides.

    I carry pictures of my wife, my dog, and both of them. It's great!

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    Fireveiwer is another option. It allows full 4-bit greyscale, and now you can even show your home video.

    As far as I recall the viewer is free, but the converter cost a modicum.

    I used it for exactly the same thing, the only problem I encountered was that people were more interested in my VDx than my baby
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    Album to go is probably the best, and its free.
    I use it and carry pictures of family etc. It is very simple to install (both on the visor and on your desktop).

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    Does albumtogo display the pictures in 2 bit of 4 bit greyscale (4 or 16 greys) on the visor.

    I have seen conflicting info that the visor only supports 2 bit grey and the palmiiixe supports 4 bit. Is that correct? What's the real story?

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    Now you're getting into a new ballgame.

    In summary the Visor DOES support 4-bit greyscale, but the operating system shipped on the Deluxe modules does not!

    Therefore applications that use the OS calls to display graphics will only display 2-bit greyscale.

    Some applications (i.e. Fireviewer) use their own routines to talk to the Dragonball EZ chip directly, by passing the OS calls. These can display graphics in 4-bit greyscale.

    Do a quick search of the discussion board and you will find numerous discussions on this.

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