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    I have been playing SkipBo, and I love it. I want to register it, but the URL given in the game to register takes you to a site with all dead links. I have also e-mailed (from the link on that site) asking about it, but so far have had no reply. is the page the game says to go to...

    Any suggestions?
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    Did you buy it from Handango as the site says? Send an email to Handango for support. They respond, you just have to keep at it.
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    I'll try Handango instead of the e-mail address on the app's page. The links TO Handango are the problem...
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    Looks like the product was pulled out of Handango. Usually when a product is pulled out or remove from the site, it could mean possible issues between Handango and the software developer.
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    Yeah - that's a bummer.... I'd love to be able to remove the nag screen and get the win/loss tracking that the registered version is supposed to have - as well as to actually pay for it since I play the heck out of it.... Oh well, I tried.
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    check - it is now freeware! rejoice!
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    Awesome! Thanks a ton....

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