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    I just got a new IBM ThinkPad T43p with the Bluetooth IV module in it. One of the main reasons I was looking for Bluetooth was so I could sync my Treo 650 without using the HotSync cable. However, I've only been able to successfully get it to sync via BT once or twice -- most of the time it fails mid-sync. I have no problem getting it to sync using the USB cable that came with the Treo.

    Attached is my HotSync log. Any ideas?
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    Bump -- anyone have any sugggestions?
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    I have had my T650 to wync with my T43p via BT. Actually it was no problem after the inital pairing was over. Every sync went ok. The speed of syncing was fast compared to my former use of irda on the older laptop.

    I write "was" because now I have another problem because I had a minor hitch in the setup of windows. After much repairing most is working again. But now I can't get the BT sw to make a serial port that the Hotsync app can use.

    The BT sw gives no other possibilities than to make a com10 port and in Hotsync I only have the option of using Com1-4. Maybee somebody has an hint to what i can do before i have to install Win Xp all over again.

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