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    Hey all,

    I want to get my girlfriend a Bluetooth headset for her Treo 650 for Christmas.

    What's the best one I can get? I know about the Motorola HS850 that seems to be somewhat popular. Or the HS820? What's the difference anyway? Would this work well with the Treo 650? There are so many out there and I am wondering if certain ones work better with the Treo 650 than others. Something "cool" or flashy would be nice.

    By the way, she has a Verizon Treo 650. Thanks for everyone's input.
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    I have a Sony Ericsson HBH-660 and a Plantronics Discovery 640 and they're both excellent.
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    Jabra BT250v or the Plantronics Pulsar 590A. Both are great! I use them both on Skype too!
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    Cool and flashy, it is not. How it compares in functionality to the others, I do not know. . . . . . I can hear. . . . . They can hear.

    And I do not have to carry a separate charger for it. (priceless)

    The Treo Bluetooth Headset.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Buy a Sonyericsson, stay away from Motorola.
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    Sony Erickson HBH-662 or the Treo BT Headset (having ability to share one charger is key, for the price it's like getting two products in one, the headset and charger). Only bad thing is that it loses its sync after recharging and you have to repair. Tried the Platronics Discovery 640 and the sound quality was not as good to others I was speaking with. HBH-662 has the LED qhich is great because you don't have to guess how much battery is left and it sits more securly on the ear than the Treo. Don't worry, all BT headsets have their supporters and detractors.
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    ok i know im gonna hear it, but i really like the plantronics 320... the best darn 30 bucks I ever spent! The sound quality isn't that bad but the controls are limited, but for 30 bucks it's like a sore _ , you can't beat it
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Solutor
    Buy a Sonyericsson, stay away from Motorola.
    Can't say anything about the first part of that post, but I definately agree with the second part.

    Sprint Treo 650

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    I have an HBH-660 and really like how quickly it connects with the Treo for calls. The Motorola HS810 was painfully slow. Any others connect as quickly?
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    Definitely stay away from Motorola. Haven't heard good things about Jabra.

    I have a Logitech Mobile Pro. I'm very happy with it, but it ain't sexy (swing-out boom). I'm a function over fashion kind of guy.
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    Bluespoon AX2

    Small, doesn't look like you have a 1980s hearing device on your head, sleek and fuctional.

    The earpiece can bet cut to desired fit and once you do so it is very comfortable.

    Price isn't too bad as well. picked mine up from radioshack.
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    I have loved my Cardo Scala 500 so much that I bought a second one after my dog chewed up my first one.

    It's small, lightweight and comfortable (enough to wear for a long time.) I think it's cool looking and really like the 'carrying' options that come with it. There's an attachment for eyeglasses, or a clip option that can also have a nice lanyard (included) attached.

    So, I wear it around my neck as jewelry when it's not in use. As a geek woman, I love the technology-as-jewelry option and have gotten many comments about the blinking pendant I wear. Most often "Oh, that's really cool" when I explain what it is. Wearing it that way also keeps it very handy, no digging around for it.

    The sound on it is clear and loud, even outdoors in the wind (the outdoors noise canceling is an advertised feature). The price was about $40 from Amazon.

    Cardo Systems has good customer service too. They sent me a new clip holder and lanyard at no charge when my clip broke.
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    HBH 662 hands down, and I've owned 4.
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    I have a Plantronics 320. Its comfortable,connects fast,stylish,has great audio,and is VERY affordable. I have had a Cardo Scala 500(lost),a Motorola HS-820(lost),and a Jabra BT800(returned). I have to say that my Plantronics one is the most sensible and gives the most for my money. Verizon had a special going on for $30 for the Plantronics 320 I had. I bought 2 more!

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    Although, out of 4 or 5 I've tried the 320 has the worst range. Started getting static after 3-5 feet. Anything more and it was useless.
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    I went for the Sony HBH662 which I just won on ebay for $62 plus $10 shipping. Pretty good deal, no? I looked at completed listings and what they went for. It is BRAND NEW IN-BOX.

    I sell IBM, Cisco and high-end cellphone equipment so I called one of my suppliers and they offered me the HS850 for $35 with free shipping. Everyone here seemed to think that the Moto's would have been a bad idea though. Hmmm???
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    I had all sorts of pairing problems with the HS 850 and the Treo. I'm hearing better things with the latest Cing firmware though.

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