I am done with Fusemail. I am not happy with their customer service in that they do not offer phone support and can take days to get back to you. It works great with my Treo but they fail miserably when used on my work computer.

Most of all I do not like what they have to offer the single business user in terms of storage capacity, especially when it comes to e-mail usage.

I can not send out more than 75 e-mails at once on fusemail. I send a lot of mass e-mails out and I do not have the time to send out on groups. Upgrading to 860mb in stoarge capacity did not help.

Is there a service out there that can provide lots of stoarge space, IMAP service and unlimited outgoing e-mail???? I need to make a change immediately. Marc, if you can offer the above on your service. Let's talk.