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    Has anyone successfully used BT DUN with a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and a Sprint branded Treo 650?

    I realize that its pretty early in the game for the new Nokia 770, but I've been completely unsuccessful in being able to pair my Sprint branded Treo 650 with the 770 for DUN. I've enabled Bluetooth, made it discoverable, and enable DUN on the 650, and the 770 is able to find the device and start the pairing authentication, but after that I get an immediate disconnect and the Treo 650 is no longer available as a network connection on the 770. I've tried the usual resetting of both devices, turning Bluetooth off/on, DUN off/on, etc. but no joy.

    If not the Treo 650, anyone else with a Sprint BT enabled phone been able to pair these two devices?

    Ah, the joys of being an early adopter...

    Any suggestions highly appreciated.

    Cheers and thanks,

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    Just thought I'd chime in and commiserate. I have a Cingular 650, and picked up a Nokia 770 on a whim last weekend.

    Sometimes pairing them works, sometimes it doesn't. Even when I did successfully get them paired, I couldn't successfully get the 770 to initiate a DUN connection. It ALWAYS wants to re-pair with the Treo on every connection attempt, and then throws up an idiotic error message like "Remote server error".

    This isn't the first time I've had compatibility problems with the Treo's terrible bluetooth implementation.
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    Well, after messing around some more, I've gotten some success. Again, I have a Cingular Treo 650, so I can't vouch for Sprint.

    The pairing process is buggy. The wizard on the Nokia completes, but the Treo seems to indicate there is some sort of error. I forget exactly what. Regardless, the pairing works well enough for the 770 to register the Treo as a phone. (Remember to put the Treo into Bluetooth DUN mode first, or the 770 will complain that your phone doesn't have the required services!)

    Next, go to the Control Panel > Connectivity > Connections. Create a new connection or edit an existing one.

    Give the connection a name, and select "packet data".

    For Cingular with the PDA Connect unlimited ($40) data plan, the settings are:

    Access point name: isp.cingular
    Dial-up number: *99***1#
    Password: CINGULAR1

    Advanced settings can be ignored.

    Note that the default dial-up number of *99# did NOT work for me with the Treo.

    There is still some weirdness. Every time I start a bluetooth connection from the 770 to the Treo, the 770 asks me to re-pair. As long as I do this (fairly quickly) the connection succeeds.

    I am trying to figure out a way to get around the constant re-pairing. The 770 is showing up in the trusted devices list on the Treo, so I'm not sure what the deal is... I'll post more if I figure it out...
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    I just picked up a 770 last night at CompUSA and love it! Much nicer than I expected. Now if only I can get the pairing to work with my Sprint 650.

    Most of the time the Nokia sees my Treo, and I enter the 4 digit code for pairing, but it always goes into pairing mode and authentication failed message on the Nokia. On the Treo side, the Nokia does add into the list of trusted sites, but they never actually pair correctly.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Right now I'm bummed out by not being able to use my Treo DUN to connect my 770.

    But I still love the 770, great little unit and will be keeping it.

    Let me know anyone else's experiences with their 770 and Treo.

    Happy Holidays!

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    I've able to pair with Sprint Treo 650, but it have been pretty flaky.

    One thing that helped me get the most consistent results is to have the a/c charger plugged in.
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    Since CompUSA offered a $100 rebate on the Nokia 770 over the holidays, I just got one. Thanks to this thread, I was able to pair the 770 with my Sprint 650 after enabling DUN on the 650. I had to use #777 for the dialup # and put in my username/password. According to this website and others, Sprint shouldn't charge extra for using DUN on the 650:

    I was able to use Maemo Mapper on the 770 and it communicates just nicely with both my GPS receiver and the Treo 650 to download maps on the fly!

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