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    I had been planning on installing/setting up AvantGo to see what all the fuss is about, but then I realized that I don't guess I know why I need it - maybe I'm missing something...

    Doesn't AvantGo just let you sync websites to the Treo for later viewing? If you have unlimited data on the Treo, can't you just go to the sites when you want to read them? If I am understanding this, the only advantage AvantGo would give you is that they would all be in one place - maybe?

    I think I want to want AvantGo, but I don't know why...

    Help me out here - what am I missing???
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    I use avantgo primarily as a newsreader - there are times I want to browse the most recent tech news or NY Times articles or any other content that they offer & I'm not always in a place where I have a signal (in the subway on the way to work). Also, it is a hell of a lot quicker to have the pages loaded locally on the card than to wait for web pages to load - it just takes a couple of extra minutes during hotsync (depending on how much content needs to be updated). You can always update your avantgo wirelessly as well for the most up-to-date info, it just takes a bit longer than the hotsync. Plus, can't beat the cost...
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    AvantGo has two advantages. The content and navigation of the sites you may choose from are designed specifically for the smartphone display. But the real advantage is it stores the content on your device when you sync. This is important when you don't have a signal but also because it's faster than waiting on downloads.

    So, until you have a speedy EVDO device, I would suggest you keep AvantGo.
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    I ditched it years ago because of this very reason. It's faster and more convenient for me to Blazer news than it was back when I used AvantGo. I always have data coverage & I need all of the MB's I can get. Damn you Palm.
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    You'll miss all the crashes if you dump AvantGo!

    Seriously.. I sync up with AvantGo to keep news in my Treo, but I can certainly hit "online" and hit the refresh button if the content needs updating faster than I can go browse some other non-palm-friendly website for it. It has its purpose.

    As said, GPRS is pretty slow and laggy when it comes to downloading stuff, AvantGo isn't super fast but I could most definately look up a channel I synced in it before you got any results back from Blazer.
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    Great if you're about to get on a long flight. Download your channels wirelessly and then get on the plane and have a good read.

    Other than that, I have no need for it since I can go to most of the web sites directly.
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    I guess I can see it both ways. I'll probably try it for a while and see how it goes.
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    well, done - we'll see how it goes. I like the rss thing mostly... What is a reasonable amount of time to have it update "over the air" without syncing?

    I have SnapperMail checking mail every 20 minutes - is hourly too often to be realistic for AvantGo?

    uhhh, sorry - just looking for where to set this up, and I guess you have to manually tell it to go look for updates - bummer.

    That's strike one...

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