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    Does anyone know if there are any plans on a new version of Mapopolis for Palm? Seems like they put down the Palm version and have only been updating the PPC version. The ONLY thing I like about Mapopolis which is very important to me, is the ability to search for an address without entering the city. There are so many little towns here in California that streets span accross, that I don't always know which town to search in. If only TomTom could do that, then it would truley be the great.

    I guess when it comes to other Palm OS GPS software, TomTom seems to be the best according to other reviews. They just need to add a feature to search for an address without entering the City. Has anyone found anyway around that?
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    If you email them, they are pretty good at letting you know whats going on. You can also check out the mapopolis forums at Lamar is very active there and post's all sorts of goodies on mapopolis. As far as an update for palm, don't get your hopes up, it's never been one of their beloved projects and gets put aside alot. Personally I think they know that they can not compete with TomTom since they have a quality proven product available for Palm that works good. So they don't bother putting the extra effort in and concentrate on PPC where they still have a good dominance.

    I've switched from mapopolis (long time user) to TomTom and don't regret it. The big downfall is the lack of a 'trial version' of tomtom. But if one looks hard enough you can find the 'trial version' available online for download. I can think of 3 places off the top of my head it's available right now. Good luck, switch to tomtom and you'll not regret it.


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